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Michael Jacobsen

Web Developer, Web Designer, Geek

About Me

A little bit about me, myself and I
Michael Jacobsen
Web Developer & Web Designer

I am a passionate web developer based in Windhoek, Namibia. I have experience in creating custom web solutions / experiences for from small to large companies and for your personal everyday user, problem solving, project research, determining user needs by analysing technical requirements, writing project briefs and project planning. It all started when I discovered the www (World Wide Web)....

Latest Project

The latest project I worked on
The Namibia Safari

The Namibia Safari was launched in 2011, when Francois, a keen aviator, undertook his first guided fly-in safari with 19 aircrafts doing a Namibia-tour from the southern to the northern border of Namibia. Back then already, it was clear that people enjoyed the comfort of being guided into the wilderness (off the beaten track). In 2018 they re...

Latest Blog Article

Me writing to the world
Great range of PDF tools
By Michael Jacobsen on 29 January 2018

PDF's can sometimes become a tricky thing. They are designed to not be easily customisable but there are instances where this is needed, thus I created this neat little article with a list of t...