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About The Namibia Safari

The Namibia Safari was launched in 2011, when Francois, a keen aviator, undertook his first guided fly-in safari with 19 aircrafts doing a Namibia-tour from the southern to the northern border of Namibia. Back then already, it was clear that people enjoyed the comfort of being guided into the wilderness (off the beaten track).

In 2018 they realised that guests need information, and ease of planning and shopping! This led to the creation of The Namibia Safari’s website, which now brings the whole of Namibia (and surrounding countries) holiday-planning in an easy to access one-stop place.

You can find out more about The Namibia Safari by clicking the link below.

View The Namibia Safari Website

The Namibia Safari

The Namibia Safari approached us to develop a website where they can showcase all the different services that they offer. As well as create a one-stop place for all your tourism need when wanting to visit Namibia. The website needed to focus on the follow:

The following services were used to develop The Namibia Safari website: