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About Waltons Namibia

Waltons began in 1949 in South Africa when a small family stationary company was founded in Cape Town. Over the years Waltons proved such a success that branches were opened nationwide and eventually the brand became a household name in Namibia in 1980.

You can find out more about Waltons Namibia by clicking the link below.

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Waltons Namibia

In 2016 Waltons Namibia approached us to develop a e-Commerce website that should provide visitors with the opportunity to view and purchase all their products online. This was no easy task and gave myself a few challenges.

One of the main difficulties was the vast amount of products available from Waltons Namibia and keeping these products and pricing up-to-date on the website. A custom solution was developed to handle this process instead of having to do this manually.

During the day branches all over Namibia use a POS system. Each night, at a specific time, a system at Waltons gets updated. Once this process is completed, a script sends this updated product information to the website and is then processed by the website to make sure the products are updated on a regular basis.

One other challenge was in regards to online payments. Namibia still faces certain challenges when it comes to online payments and thus a different approach was taken to complete this request. On top of that a large percentage of Namibia's population do not feel comfortable with online transactions and purchased.

Instead of full-payment e-Commerce solution it was decided to build a "Click-and-Collect" system. It allows the visitor to order products online, then the request is send to Waltons where they issue an invoice and once the EFT payment has been done, the product is delivered to the client.

The following services were used to develop Waltons Namibia's website: