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Hosting with HostGator

Hosting is the storing of the website on a server so that the website can be accessed from around the world. In this article I will talk about hosting and why I choose HostGator to store my website.
Michael Jacobsen
13 November 2017 - 10:00
Category: Web

Disclosure: I receive compensation from the companies whose products I review. I am independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

Why I chose Hostgator

There are many reasons to why I choose HostGator but I will have to say the main reason was the amount of helpful/useful information that is available online. May it be from simple how to set up a HostGator account to more complex server based problems. The HostGator community is quite large and you will most certainly find an answer to any problem you might encounter.

Shared Hosting

I went with the Shared Hosting option offered by HostGator, because my website is rather small and doesn’t receive a large amount of traffic. The Shared Hosting option is ideal for beginners and small to medium size websites as it offers hosting at a lower price compare to the other options.

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HostGator hosting PROS
  • 99.99% Uptime of your website. There are the odd chances that something might happen to the server your website is laying on. My it be from a server update or maintenance. There is always a small chance that your website will be down but HostGator has a 99.99% uptime which is really impressive.
  • HostGator offers a 45 days Money Back Guarantee. Most other hosting providers only offer 30 days.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, disk space and email account.
  • You receive a US$100 Google Adwords voucher for the first time you set up an account. This is great to help you to kick off your website.
HostGator hosting CONS
  • In order to get the best price HostGator forces you to sign up for longer terms such as for 3 years. Even though you might not be happy with their service.
  • In order to have unlimited number of domains you will have to move to the Baby or Business Plan.

HostGator is a very reliable web hosting company. In the battlefield known as the Internet, HostGator has proven itself to be a good partner to have. Although other companies might offer your better prices, a motivated Internet entrepreneur will definitely benefit from the early benefit entry-level plans.